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June 1 & 2 – Learn how to Strategically Apply Biblical & Constitutional Principles to State & Local Issues Effectively

May 19, 2012

Information on the our state convention is below,  but even if you are a committed Republican, Libertarian of Independent, please try to come to the open to the public speaking events. We have had allot of interest, but I would ask you to invite others/ forward/ share. It is rare for us to have this great a lineup of speakers in Mississippi — especially at such a low cost.

If you believe our country is going in the wrong direction, and want to effectively return our law to its Biblical presuppostions and government to its Constitutional limits, please try to come to this event in Tupelo on June 1 and/ or 2.
Two quick questions for Christians, pro-life/ pro-family advocates, conservatives, TEA party activists and other advocates of liberty :
1) You only get to vote for President once every four years. What then?
2) Last year conservatives in Mississippi (like me) helped give conservative Republicans control of our state House of Representatives and to retain control of the Senate and seven of the eight statewide executive offices. Yet, most of the pro-life/ pro-family legislation died or was seriously watered down. And, I attended a meeting with TEA Party leaders from around the state and Lt Gov Reeves giving him a list of items on the legislative agenda of the Mississippi TEA Parties. Every item on this agenda failed. WHY?

If you want to learn how to apply Biblical & Constitutional principles to state & local issues; get ideas on how to more strategically & effectively apply these principles in state & local politics and meet like-minded people from around the state and the South, please try to attend the event below in Tupelo June 1st and/ or 2nd, bring someone with you, and help spread the word

* Update: There was a scheduling conflict with the Link Center, so we might be moving to a different location in Tupelo (details to follow)
Also, possible change in the speaking schedule — Sen Chris McDaniel might be speaking Friday night instead of Saturday.


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