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Institute on the Constitution in Tupelo & Brookhaven

November 14, 2012

Former Constitution Party Candidate Michael Peroukta is one of the co-founders of a educational effort called “Institute on the Constitution” which is a 12 part video course that teaches students the foundations of our system of government — there is a God, rights come from Him, government exists to protect those rights. And then goes through the Constitution in detail. This course has been extremely useful across the country as thousands of Americans from coast to coast have become more informed and effective citizens.

The Mississippi Constitution Party just co-sponsored a course with the Tupelo TEA party led by CP Southern States Co-Chairman Les Riley. Mr Peroutka came to Tupelo for graduation.

The Brookhaven TEA Party is also going through the Institute on the Constitution and there has been a course in Mendenhall.
A second IOTC Course as well as a jury course will be available in Tupelo soon. To take part in either of these or to learn how to bring a course to your town and teach the people in your community the Biblical foundations or our law system & how to restore liberty — email Les Riley —

The Religious Right and the Next Generation

November 14, 2012

Peter Leihart a professor at a Christian college, author, theologian, and cultural commentator recently posted  the article below on First Things. The next generation is no longer buying what the two party system (especially the Republicans).
The next generation is ready for an alternative third party and/ or nonpartisan/multi-party political effort (that is committed to principle; is pro life; takes a noninterventionist approach to foreign policy; and has a populist appeal that is not beholden to big business or big government). We invite all the young people that enthusiastically were part of the Ron Paul revolution to find your political home in the Constitution Party

Please read the short, excellent analysis below:
Religious Right After Reagan

There’s a generational issue that the aging leaders of the religious right needs to be addressed in a serious way. Most of my students and younger colleagues do not identify in any way with the old religious right. They are anti-abortion and (usually) oppose the homosexual rights agenda, but they bristle at aggressive American foreign policy and they are conscious of the imbalances and injustices of today’s capitalist system (which isn’t really a free market). The religious right, and the things it did right, are will disappear without a trace unless there’s an effort to appeal to the younger generation. It’s not an adequate answer to tell young people to “grow up” and get used to the “real world.” Besides, I think the concerns of the younger generation are right.


This is not only a challenge but also, I think, a political opportunity. A religious right that is prolife and profamily, but also genuinely advocates a just war position and is as hard on the abuses of capitalism as it is on the brutality of socialism – that could skim off support from both Republicans and Democrats. Think of how much traction Ron Paul got from young people, and people across the spectrum; and he’s a cranky 70+.

On the other hand, the religious right also has to reckon with the possibility that it may not make any difference in the end. The last two elections have demonstrated conclusively that this is no longer a conservative country in any of the normal senses of the word. When a party gives a Sandra Fluke a podium at the national convention, and then wins the Presidency, we know that we’re in a different world than the one that could still produce the illusion of a Moral Majority.

Herman Cain calls for Creation of a Third Party

November 14, 2012

In an interview after the election, former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain called for the creation of a third party.

“We need a third party to save this country,” Cain told American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer. “This country is in trouble and it is clear that neither party — is going to fix the problems we face.”

Cain agreed with Fischer’s assessment that conservatives are growing tired of being ignored by Republican party leadership — and that many believe the GOP no longer speaks for them.

Cain said it was troubling that Mitt Romney received fewer votes than John McCain did in 2008 — suggesting that many conservatives did not vote on Tuesday.
We say, welcome aboard! It is past time that conservatives, pro-lifers, and advocates of liberty found out that we can never hope to advance our cause through blind loyalty to the two party system.


June 1 & 2 – Learn how to Strategically Apply Biblical & Constitutional Principles to State & Local Issues Effectively

May 19, 2012

Information on the our state convention is below,  but even if you are a committed Republican, Libertarian of Independent, please try to come to the open to the public speaking events. We have had allot of interest, but I would ask you to invite others/ forward/ share. It is rare for us to have this great a lineup of speakers in Mississippi — especially at such a low cost.

If you believe our country is going in the wrong direction, and want to effectively return our law to its Biblical presuppostions and government to its Constitutional limits, please try to come to this event in Tupelo on June 1 and/ or 2.
Two quick questions for Christians, pro-life/ pro-family advocates, conservatives, TEA party activists and other advocates of liberty :
1) You only get to vote for President once every four years. What then?
2) Last year conservatives in Mississippi (like me) helped give conservative Republicans control of our state House of Representatives and to retain control of the Senate and seven of the eight statewide executive offices. Yet, most of the pro-life/ pro-family legislation died or was seriously watered down. And, I attended a meeting with TEA Party leaders from around the state and Lt Gov Reeves giving him a list of items on the legislative agenda of the Mississippi TEA Parties. Every item on this agenda failed. WHY?

If you want to learn how to apply Biblical & Constitutional principles to state & local issues; get ideas on how to more strategically & effectively apply these principles in state & local politics and meet like-minded people from around the state and the South, please try to attend the event below in Tupelo June 1st and/ or 2nd, bring someone with you, and help spread the word

* Update: There was a scheduling conflict with the Link Center, so we might be moving to a different location in Tupelo (details to follow)
Also, possible change in the speaking schedule — Sen Chris McDaniel might be speaking Friday night instead of Saturday.


Mississippi Constitution Party State Convention

May 19, 2012

Mississippi Constitution Party Convention
LINK Center Tupelo, Miss
Friday night, June 1 & Saturday June 2

For More Information or tot pre-register
or call 662-760-8695
$50 Registration for the Full Convention and Friday Supper for Constitution Party Members
$ 20 Suggested donation for general public to attend speaking sessions only

Friday Night
Open Doors/ Book tables at 4:00
Registration 5:00 to 6:00
Convention Supper at 6:00
(paid members only $50 for full convention)
Call to order — Les Riley
Reading of Old Business — Vince Thornton
Report from National Convention — Curtis Caine
Nomination of Presidential ticket, electors
Nomination of officers
7:00 Open to public ($20 suggested donation admission for both days)
7:00 to 7:15 Welcome and opening remarks — Les Riley
7:15 to 8:00 Joel McDurmon — The Welfare-Warfare State
8:00 to 8:15 Book tables open, Break, fellowship
8:15 to 9:00 Micheal Peroutka — the American View of Law and Government and The Institute on the Constitution
9:00 to 10:00 Book Tables/ Fellowship/ Q&A

8:00 AM to 11:45 Convention for Members; Book tables for general public

* Convention Open to Paying Members ($50 per head)
General Public Invited for $20 suggested donation
Call to order — Les Riley
Election of Officers
Discussion of State Platform, Bylaws, Budget, Campaigns other party business
Introduction of Candidates
Speeches, Q & A with Tom Cramer US Senate Candidate and Jim Bourland District 1 US House Candidate

11:45 to 12:30 Break for Lunch
Life & Liberty Conference:
Strategically Apply Biblical & Constitutional Principles to State & Local Issues Effectively

12:30 to 1:00 Welcome – Opening Remarks — Les Riley
1:00 to 1:45 Ricardo Davis — The Lordship of Christ and the Christian Reformation of Political Action

Break/ Book Tables
2:00 to 2:45 Joel McDurmon — County Level Reformation
2:45 to 3:30 Senator Chris McDaniel — State Sovereignty, Obamacare and other Federal Intrusions

Break/ Book Tables
3:45 to 4:30  — Rev. E. Ray Moore — Indoctrination, Education, and the Future Faith, Family, & Freedom
4:30 to 5:15 Michael Peroutka — Keynote
5:15 to 6:00 Q&A/ Discussion/ Book Tables
Convention Closes at 6:00 Sharp

Our Bold Vision for Faith, Family, and Freedom

November 13, 2010

Honor God, Defend the Family, Restore Liberty

“If men will not be governed by God, they will be ruled by tyrants.” – Wm Penn

What is the Constitution Party of Mississippi? We are a fully recognized political party in Mississippi. Since 1992 we have been working to give people of conscious who don’t want to waste their votes giving them to candidates from the two who will continue to take us down the road to perdition & tyranny; who will take our hard earned money, property, and liberty; who will continue to allow the taking of life under the color of law and the advance of evil calling it freedom; who will turn the Biblical admonitions to rulers — “to be a terror to evil doers” and to “fear God & hate covetousness” — on their head; and who will take the blessings of liberty, of Constitutional & limited government, of family, of faith, of free enterprise — and the prosperity that these produce — and sell them for a mess of pottage, using money taken from hardworking families, businesses, and individuals to buy votes and using fear to trick people into voting away their freedom.

We take seriously the warning and call our friends to the high calling of George Washington, the Father of our Country at the Constitutional Convention:
“If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how will we later defend it?
Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.
The event is in the hand of God”

Since 1992 we have been raising this standard here in Mississippi – we have run candidates for office in every election, for: supervisor; judge; state senate and house of representatives; US house of representatives; governor; commissioner of agriculture; and president.
In the last statewide General Election the Constitution Party had more candidates on the ballot for the legislature & other state & county offices in Mississippi than any party besides the Republicans or Democrats had since 1923>
And Constitution Party state affiliates have begun to elect candidates in other states across the county.

Our goal:
to restore American government to its Constiutional limits and American jurisprudence to its Biblical presuppositions

Click here to read our platform.

Colorado: Constitution Party Candidate comes in Second – Triples Republican

November 13, 2010

According to the Independent Political Report, the American Constitution Party has achieved “major party status” in Colorado while the GOP barely missed the ignoble designation of being relegated to a “minor party”.

What brought this about? In the 2010 Gubernatorial Election, the presumption that a Republican candidate is the only legitimate choice for conservatives because they are “electable” and Constitution Party candidates are “spoilers” was literally turned on it’s head.

The Election was won by a liberal Democrat — the mayor of Denver who received just over 50% of the vote.
Coming in second was Constitution Party nominee Tom Tancredo — who got in the mid 30% range. He possibly could have one if votes, attention and support hadn’t been diverted to the Republican nominee Dan Maes — who was a distant third with just over 10%

The Constitution Party is has begun electing candidates across the country for state and local office. The tide is turning and the Democrat-Republican Duopoly is being broken.

Beat the rush — join our efforts


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